Have you ever wondered what your life would look like without those multifarious plants? Have you ever thought twice before plucking the creation of God for worshiping your God? Have you ever cried even for once while sitting on those comfy wooden chairs? If no, you will feel at least a pinch of what IContinue reading “VOICE OF A PLANT!!”


We are going through completely new phase in our lifesRoutine is all same during days as well as nightsNo doubt, there are completly different vibesMy mind is trafficked with so many ideas that constantly strikesBut there are many who are still thinking about what are their crimes?Why are we facing such difficult times?No guys, noContinue reading “PARADISEā¤”


I’m glad to wake up early in the morningOh! Because I’m a fan of walkingBut this morning I just sat and observedPeople around me were quarantined, became more silent and reserved.In the amidst of silence, I heard the melodious chirping of sparrowsYes you are right, it is one of our endangered fellowsNature was busy playingContinue reading “NATURE DURING QUARANTINE”

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