Have you ever wondered what your life would look like without those multifarious plants? Have you ever thought twice before plucking the creation of God for worshiping your God? Have you ever cried even for once while sitting on those comfy wooden chairs? If no, you will feel at least a pinch of what I feel and if yes, then sorry for sinking your heart again. I have tried to keep this as simple and basic as possible so that each one of us can relate to this somewhere.  

Let’s take time to feel the magnanimity of those beautiful, beautiful plants and the monstrous trend we unconsciously follow towards them. 

Initiating with the very basis of our life- OXYGEN!

Breathing affects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, muscular, and psychic systems, and also has a general effect on your sleep, memory, ability to concentrate, and your energy levels. – Donna Farhi 

Someday, I just think how selflessly plants work hard each day for giving each one of us the most precious gift – The gift of life! They keep providing us with oxygen and keep taking in all the carbon dioxide. You will say haaahh!! That’s their duty, what’s the big deal? So, you are my friend and you give me a gift, then that’s obviously your duty. Nothing new in that. I don’t feel any difference. 

What I want to say is that if we can’t gratify for their existence then we also don’t have any right to take their mere lives. You harshly keep cutting down their arms and legs for your comfort, your leisure, your luxury. Plants do feel the pain my friends. They are living. They have a life like we do. The only difference is that they can’t move and they can’t speak. 

And the worst part is that we not only refuse to pay the interest of the debt we hold but also try grabbing every possible jewel, leaving them inhumanly in the most pathetic condition any organism can have.  

To all the gourmets, you will feel the most out of the coming paragraph. As we all know that the sun is the ultimate source of energy. Obviously, we cannot stand opening our mouth in front of the sunrays and eat them to release energy. We need plants for that. Right??  

Plants convert the light energy(photons) into chemical energy which further follows other complex processes for the formation of various mouth-watering food stuffs. (Simple photosynthesis that we tend to never forget but forget soon enough to reflect upon it). 

Feeling sorry for breaking your illusion, but you are not the only Master chef of your kitchen. 

Photosynthesis and Respiration done by plants are the two processes which can in no way be replaced by artificial means. So, I wanted to emphasize the most on the two very fundamental characteristics.  

But apart from that, plants give us the aesthetic view that soothes our eyes, plants being immobile attracts all the wanderers from all over the world towards it (that’s where tourism gets its money from) and gives us the cool breeze that makes us feel light. There are many such boundless and selfless services these greens provide us. This article will fall short to list that.  

Its already too late for us to apologise and ask for another chance to rectify our mistakes. But at least if we change ourselves now then we can prevent exacerbating our already miserable state.  

Plants mollycoddle us and we treat them maliciously. 

It’s not necessary to study about plants to feel for them, it just needs a magnanimous heart.  


Published by asthablog03

Student of botany. Nature's lover. A person who is always day dreaming.

20 thoughts on “VOICE OF A PLANT!!

  1. The way you express and let your heart out in words…i am really thankful that you wrote this on behalf of all the conservationist and plant lovers out there…🌱


  2. Whenever I read your blog, always get something different and very good content just want to say keep it up and lots of love💝


    1. This post really is something that would make one stop and take some time to ponder over our ignorance and insensitivity towards our life givers❤️
      Thank you for sharing such beautiful content Astha!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Astha just keep writing sister! Loving your writeup as always! And with your words and thoughts you make us feel that pain the plants suffer from! I apologise and thanking them for being there! Without them our life is not possible. ❤️


  4. Plants can feel one’s particular presence , if you anytime planted them and taken care of them then you can compare their growth in your presence and in your absence .
    I have compared that and it’s amazing as an experience to never let them alone and be responsible for all care and nurture like child.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Amazingly written piece and the theme of article and penning it was something new I found , keep doing , lots of motivation 🤗🤗


  5. Being a nature lover…. I have deeply observed and tried to feel what plants usually feel and what signs nature want to tell us..!!
    And you have expressed this sooo beautifully in your article, i loved reading it❣️
    Keep writing buddy…keep growing🌻
    Well wishes n love from this side🦋

    Liked by 1 person

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