Blessed are those people who are born with a sibling
There is someone to support you since the very beginning.
My brother was gifted with a doll when he was just three
The love and protection he showed for his doll made our mother carefree.
Every Raksha bandhan I tied that sacred thread on his wrist
He used to promise me to give all that I mentioned in the list.
All the way to school he held my hands so tightly
And each and every morning he made sure that I wake up timely.
He ironed my uniform and even polished my shoes
He set an elderly example for me to look upon and acquire all the values.
But like every brother and sister, we used to fight a lot
Afterall, we were simple humans with emotions and not a robot.
His heart ached more on seeing my eyes wet
Why I scolded my sister?- asking himself with regret.
Very soon one of the most heartbreaking day of my life arrived
Your brother is leaving for the hostel, my father sympathized.
Who will fight with me? Who will bear all my tantrums?
Who will love me so much? And who will solve all my problems?
Don’t worry, I’ll come every vacation to meet my pumpkin
How can I leave alone a doll whom we have brought from dustbin?
That day I realized what the purest form of love feels like
Whose exact definition you can find neither on google nor on any other site.
I can proudly say that brother, for me you are my second mother
For you have loved me like no other.

Brothers and sisters are connected throughout their lives by a special bond.❤

Published by asthablog03

Student of botany. Nature's lover. A person who is always day dreaming.

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