We are going through completely new phase in our lifes
Routine is all same during days as well as nights
No doubt, there are completly different vibes
My mind is trafficked with so many ideas that constantly strikes
But there are many who are still thinking about what are their crimes?
Why are we facing such difficult times?
No guys, no rides and no flights?
Someone is trying there hand in cooking, for the first time holding knives
And some are very exhausted, have you tried talking to housewives?
Jokes apart, as every coin has two different sides,
Just think about people who comes under below poverty lines
Only to have a glimpse of their loved ones, have covered such long miles
They have nothing to eat where you eat not only once or twice but thrice.
You have access to luxurious items, where they have no electricity, no lights.
We keep scrolling through memes, they are the ones with pale face and no smiles
They are the ones who are undergoing real battles and hard fights
Never forget that it’s because of them that rich people have attained these heights
Don’t you think it’s time for us to fight for their basic rights?
If you are fortunate enough to have vegetables, dals, chapatis and rice
You can satisfy their year long hunger by sharing with them just few bites.
No matter if there are smooth rides or rough slides
Let’s take a pledge to help nationwide.
Stop being selfish and for once keep everything aside
It’s time to hold each other hands and once again make our planet a paradise.

Let’s abridge the gap!

Published by asthablog03

Student of botany. Nature's lover. A person who is always day dreaming.

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