I’m glad to wake up early in the morning
Oh! Because I’m a fan of walking
But this morning I just sat and observed
People around me were quarantined, became more silent and reserved.
In the amidst of silence, I heard the melodious chirping of sparrows
Yes you are right, it is one of our endangered fellows
Nature was busy playing it’s own game
Sun with illuminating confidence, boasting about his name
He was declared as a denner, highlighted one in the batch
Winds were swinging fast and were very hard to catch
Every one but moon, who was considered dark and weak
Now proclaimed to be the winner in the game of hide and seek!
Plants already started celebrating the victory, dancing in the beats of leaves
Animals and birds laughing and mocking at the sun’s false believes
Moon with a big smile says Nothing in the world is achieved by over-confidence
Kindness and humbleness are the keys of all the accomplishments!

Writing is therapeutic!

Published by asthablog03

Student of botany. Nature's lover. A person who is always day dreaming.


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